Time Plugin

This plugin will measure the time that it took to run each of your views, and output the ones that have taken the longest.

Available options

-t –time

The -t option, as the help says: Pass -t to time your requests. This outputs the time it takes to run each request on your site. This option also tells the crawler to output the top 10 URLs that took the most time at the end of it’s run. Here is an example output from running it on my site with -t -v 2:

Getting /blog/2007/oct/17/umw-blog-ring/ ({}) from (/blog/2007/oct/17/umw-blog-ring/)
Time Elapsed: 0.256254911423
Getting /blog/2007/dec/20/logo-lovers/ ({}) from (/blog/2007/dec/20/logo-lovers/)
Time Elapsed: 0.06906914711
Getting /blog/2007/dec/18/getting-real/ ({}) from (/blog/2007/dec/18/getting-real/)
Time Elapsed: 0.211296081543
Getting /blog/ ({u'page': u'5'}) from (/blog/?page=4)
Time Elapsed: 0.165636062622
NOT MATCHED: account/email/
NOT MATCHED: account/register/
NOT MATCHED: admin/doc/bookmarklets/
NOT MATCHED: admin/doc/tags/
NOT MATCHED: admin/(.*)
NOT MATCHED: admin/doc/views/
NOT MATCHED: account/signin/complete/
NOT MATCHED: account/password/
NOT MATCHED: resume/
/blog/2008/feb/9/another-neat-ad/ took 0.743204
/blog/2007/dec/20/browser-tabs/#comments took 0.637164
/blog/2008/nov/1/blog-post-day-keeps-doctor-away/ took 0.522269